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Stimuprat Editions has been created by interventional electrophysiologists who aim to share their large and unique database of tracings. After having written and published multiple works in the field, the STIMUPRAT team has decided to reunite its high quality and complete content into one site : microportacademycrm.com

meet the STIMUPRAT team

Marc Strik MD PhD

Site creator

Marc is a device cardiologist from the Netherlands now working at Bordeaux University, France. He developed the online learning platform MicroPortAcademyCRM.com. Fascinated by algorithms and cardiac signals, he spends most of his time working out ways to develop arrhythmia detection and treatment.

Philippe Ritter MD PhD


Dr Ritter has been a extremely important contributor to MicroPortAcademyCRM.com. With years of experience as an implanting cardiologist, he also worked together with MicroPort CRM on co-developing their algorithms. He wrote various books on MicroPort devices and continues to teach on device funcitoniong.

Pierre Bordachar MD PhD

Contributing Author

Professor Bordachar is a passionate teacher, well-known for his deep knowledge on cardiac implantable electronic device functioning. As he masters the ins and outs of all devices among all device companies, one of his strong points is to compare the strengths and weaknesses between the different devices.

Sylvain Ploux MD PhD

Contributing Author

Dr Ploux directs one of the largest remote monitoring centers in Europe with over 6500 connected patients. His deep knowledge in pacemaker and ICD algorithms make him a true expert in the field. 

Jo-Anne Ouvrier

Data Protection Officer

Authentic, determined and dynamic, Jo-Anne is passionate about innovation and new technologies. She is in charge of the technical surveillance of the platform.


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