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In this course, we will introduce you to cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT). We start of with pathophysiology of electrical asynchrony, then the indications for CRT implantation ared discussed, followed by ECG and X-ray cases.


4 Lessons

In this video course, we will show how a CRT device is implanted.

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1 Lessons

In this video course, we will show how to perform interrogation of a proper fonctioning CRT device. In the following chapters, troubleshooting will be discussed using several cases.

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3 Lessons

The left ventricular (LV) lead is key to CRT and its proper functioning is essential. In this course, we will learn how to evaluate an LV lead and perform troubleshooting.

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4 Lessons

CRT is a therapy which needs to be continiously applied. A decrease in percentage of biventricular pacing (%CRT) must be resolved before the therapy looses its efficacy and the patient becomes symptomatic. Here we present some cases where %CRT is in jeopardy and we discuss how to resolve this important issue.

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2 Lessons

In this course we will present why AV/VV programming is important and how it is automatically performed in MicroPort CRT devices.


5 Lessons

Ready for the CRT exam? When you succeed, you will be able to download a personalized certification! The exam consists of 10 CRT questions. When you have a score of at least 50%, you will be able to download your personal certificate on this page.


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