4. Counters

1 Lesson

Counting is the most important phase of the diagnosis, even before application of the discrimination rules. Likewise, in the event of failure of a given therapy, the counting rules during the redetection phase, in addition to influencing the progression of the therapies already performed, also influence the therapies that will follow.

These cases will allow explaining the sequence of therapies available in Microport defibrillators. We will begin with the VF zone, followed by therapies in the VT zone, then those in the Slow VT zone. After presenting the first cases, we will not systematically comment the counting of the cycles in the ensuing cycles, nor necessarily address the discrimination.

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to understand the process of events counting and the sequence of therapies based on the tachycardia zones and programmed therapies. At each tracing, the authors will endeavour to provide not only technical comments, but also a clinical analysis of the given situations encountered.

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